Visjon 2030 kick-off Apr2017

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Visjon 2030 kick-off Apr2017

Title Visjon 2030 kick-off Apr2017
Place NFR
Date, Time 2017/04/24, 1000-1630
Contact Person Zlata Tukanovic, Camilla Grime
Participants Liv Marte Nordhaug, Olaug Råd, Bjørn Tore Kjellemo, Kari Moe Jacobsen, Liv Inger Tønjum, Tone Øderud, Gunvor B. Wilhelmsen, Sam Perkins, Mathilde Byskov, Kjetil Røine, Øyvind Rideng, Gunnar Vartdal, Karoline Myklebust, Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Anne Breivik, Anne Hatløy, Tor Halvorsen, Martin Flate, Markus Bugge
related to Project DigI
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  • Welcome - Bjørn Tore Kjellemo, Department director, Department for Development and Cooperation, Division for Society and Health, Research Council of Norway
  • About the Visjon2030 mechanism - Liv Marte Kristiansen Nordhaug, Senior Adviser, Section for Research, Innovation and Higher Education, Norad
  • Visjon2030 and Innovation Norway - Liv Inger Tønjum, Project leader Visjon 2030, Innovation Norway

Project presentations Visjon2030

  • Project 267527: A new Hearing Care Service in Tanzania - Tone Øderud, project leader, SINTEF ICT
  • Project 267524: Securing education for children in Tanzania - Gunvor B. Wilhelmsen, project leader, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).
  • Project 267550: Randomizing Speed School II - Anne Breivik, project leader, Strømme Foundation
  • Project 267558: Non-discriminating access for Digital Inclusion - Josef Noll, project leader, Basic Internet Foundation

Formative Dialogue Research and Visjon2030

Tewodros Aragie Kebede, senior researcher and project leader, Fafo

Helge Myklebust:

  • 30% reduction of newborn mortality on the day of birth in high mortality settings
  • 40% reduction of missclassified xxx

Need to

Formative Dialog Research Project

run by: Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Anne Hatløy, Tor Halvorsen, Martin Flate, Markus Bugge

expected: 2 meetings per year

  • Follow = lean = scale = integrate = share
  • KPI work: how

Testing Presentations

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