WLAN access and Broadcast

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WLAN access and Broadcast

Title WLAN access and Broadcast
Place Linjeveien
Date, Time 2012/09/04,
Contact Person Fabrice.Bigirimana
Participants Fabrice.Bigirimana, Josef Noll
related to Project
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Getting user profiles into a WLAN box

Two main alternatives, (i) using FON technology and (ii) using an own AAA server

(i) Using FON for access

While authentication to WLAN is not a problem, the challenge is to get the WLAN site to broadcast a request for a user profile.

If we can't solve that, then we need to look at (ii)

(ii) using own AAA server

install an own AAA server, which will allow us to ask for a user profile

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Next step

Establish the minimum solution

  • authenticate
  • ask for a profile/preferences
  • submit preferences
  • reason over the preferences to perform a matching

Extension 1.1 - privacy

  • context awareness - context identifier for privacy level 1....10

Extension 1.2 - task identifier

  • context awareness - task identifier for an ontology of tasks, e.g.
  • travel
    • business
    • leisure
  • hang around
  • occupied

Extension 1.2 - location

  • public screen will provide the location