WNaS:Projects and ideas

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WNaS:Projects and ideas

Title WNaS:Projects_and_ideas
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2014/03/10,
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Iñaki Garitano, Seraj Fayyad
related to Project ConnectedLife
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  • responsibility for max 2 projects
  • clear goal defintion for upcoming 6 months
  • Horizon2020 - participate (17March)
  • our architecture on Security for IoT


  • nSHIELD - understand the Tecnalia Methodology, check with state of the art (Seraj, paper)
    • domain (oil & gas...) to be included in D8.6
    • Socialtainment applicability (talk with Frode and Harry (HAI))
  • (ESA - Ka-band study) - Josef
  • Citi-Sense-MOB, mobile air quality measurements on busses and bicycles
    • test sensors and contribute to sensor report (Seraj)
    • mobile app development (?) - Serhat?
    • Facebook app - Hai-Ying
    • Supervision of Rozina_Dongol and Eivind_Engesæter
    • advisory board (Josef)
    • security in sensor networks, privacy... (Socialtainment) - Meeting in May in Bilbao (Sonja, Alena)
  • Basic_Internet (Iñaki)
  • Horizon 2020
  • EEA proposal SmartGrid (Juan, Mushfiq, Josef)

Expected outcome (ideas for papers)

  • paper on methodologies for measurable security (Seray)
  • overview over security readiness in various domains (Seray)
  • refit of existing sensor networks through observing nodes (Iñaki) (using your thesis stuff) - idea on measurable
  • measurable security in refitted sensor networks (Iñaki)

Projects queries

Ongoing projects:

Finished projects:'