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Selection of Mikrotik devices

Comparing the RB1100AHx2 and the RB960PGS-PB (by Iñaki May2017). Aspects to consider

  • power consumption
  • the amount of traffic/users we want to cover on a specific area and
  • costs, considering CAPEX and OPEX.
  • I'm not considering whether the equipment needs to be indoor or outdoor.

When considering the amount of traffic/users, RB1100AHx2 model is the winner.

  • First, because of the license level, which in this case is 6 (the highest one) compared to license level 4 in case of RB960PGS-PB. In the following page there is a table comparing different license numbers:
  • Second, because of the hardware capacity. RB1100AHx2 model is able to handle between 2 to 4 times more traffic than the RB960PGS-PB.
  • If we are thinking on a installation where the idea is to place a server with content such as videos... then I would go for a RB1100AHx2, otherwise the RB960PGS-PB is a good option.
  • Regarding the power consumption and outdoor enclosure the RB960PGS-PB (max 9W) model is more convenient than RB1100AHx2 (max. does not specify but have to be quite high due to the fans).
  • If the main driver is the energy consumption and/or cost, then definitely RB960PGS-PB model is the winner.

Server for both routing and content

see discussion on DigI_talk:TI1.2