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5G Network Slicing for Digital Inclusion 2018/01/05 +[[Media:201801 5G network slicing Noll.pdf|Click to Open]]  +


ABAC and eHealth 2017/11/30 +[[Media:ABAC and eHealth.pptx|Click to Open]]  +
AMI Topology +[[Media:AMI topology.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
An Evolutionary Game for Integrity Attacks and Defenses 2018/06/06 +[[Media:IOTSec.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
An evolutionary game for confidentiality attacks +[[Media:Iotsec 0817.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Analysis of IoT Sec Ecosystem +[[Media:Lenchik on T 4.1.1.pdf|Click to Open]]  +


Blockchain challenges +[[Media:Blockchain-taxonomy-challenges-20-mars.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Building Trust in the Internet of Things 2018/01/23 +[[Media:SCOTT Telco Trust 20180123.pdf|Click to Open]]  +


Connecting Non-grid Africa +[[Media:Digi Inception meeting 14092017.pdf|Click to Open]]  +


DDoS Attack Detection in SDN 2017/12/05 +[[Media:Presentation2.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Definition of core, extended, future BBs 2018/03/01 +[[Media:201803SCOTT BB Methodology.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
DigI Presentation Andrea +[[Media:DigI presentation Andrea.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
DigI-SDG 3 Health related Topics +[[Media:201708GlobalHealth MasterTopics.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Digital Health Examples from HiOA +[[Media:201711DigitalHealth Examples.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Digital Health Intervention in TZ - Plans and Time Schedule +[[Media:Digital Health Intervention in TZ - Plans and Time Schedule.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Digital Health as Catalyst for Digital Societies +[[Media:201711 CGH Digital Catalyst Noll.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Digital Health in Tanzania +[[Media:Digital health in Tanzania.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Digital Inclusion in Rural Tanzania 2018/04/16 +[[Media:201804-Roundtable NO Embassy DigitalRural Noll.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
DigitalRural TZ-TIgo-meeting-Apr2018 +[[Media:201804-Tigo-Digi meeting Noll.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
DigitalRural TZ-Vodacom-meeting-Apr2018 +[[Media:201804-Vodacom-Digi meeting Noll.pdf|Click to Open]]  +


E2U information and service offers 2018/06/06 +[[Media:E2U IoTSec Consortium 06.06.18.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Economic Development using Mobile Phone +[[Media:DiGi_14092017.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Elektronische Gesundheitskarte – Erfolg in Norwegen, Misserfolg in Deutschland? 2018/05/16 +[[Media:201805 DigitalHealth Norway Noll.pdf|Click to Open]]  +


Free access to Digital Health Information in Tanzania +[[Media:Free access to Digital Health Information in Tanzania 9.11 JN ASW.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
Free access to Digital Health Information in Tanzania 2017/10/17 +[[Media:Free access to Digital Health information in Tanzania ASW CH 16.10.pdf|Click to Open]]  +
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