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A Semantic Approach for context-aware Authorization in Enterprise Systems +Josef Noll  +, Zahid Iqbal  +
Air quality recommender system for commuting +Josef Noll  +, Nuria Castell Balaguer  +
Analysis and Standards for the Information-Internet +Josef Noll  +, Iñaki Garitano  +
Analysis of Data Structures on the Ethereum Blockchain +Josef Noll  +
Analysis of Proxy services for an Information-Internet +Josef Noll  +, Iñaki Garitano  +, Jan Standal  +
Ant Colonization Optimisation Algorithm for knowledge-based Learning +Josef Noll  +, Kristin Ran Choi Hinna  +
Assessment of Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology +Knut Øvsthus  +, Josef Noll  +


Building an Attack Simulator on the Electric Grid Infrastructure +György Kálmán  +, Josef Noll  +


CPM modem for broadband satellite communication +Pål Orten  +
Context aware systems +Josef Noll  +, Zahid Iqbal  +


Education and Health through InfoInternet +Josef Noll  +
Efficient SOAP messaging for Android +Frank T. Johnsen  +, Trude Hafsøe Bloebaum  +, Knut Øvsthus  +,
Efficient data collection using Android ADK in a high velocity mobile environment +Josef Noll  +
Elaborating and implementing http2 standards for server-side compression +Josef Noll  +, Iñaki Garitano  +
End-to-end QoS +Mariann Hauge  +, Josef Noll  +
End-to-end QoS in a mobile ad-hoc network including satellite links +Mariann Hauge  +, Josef Noll  +
Energy consumption in wireless sensor networks +Josef Noll  +, Sarfraz Alam  +
Evaluation and Improvement of technologies for CCTV +Knut Øvsthus  +
Evaluation of Protection/Restoration Methods for Ethernet Layer 2 Networks +Fredrik Davik  +, Knut Øvsthus  +, Josef Noll  +
Evaluation of the Component`s Interconnection Impact on the System Security +Josef Noll  +, Seraj Fayyad  +
Evaluation of the usability of low-cost sensors for public air quality information +Josef Noll  +, Nuria Castell Balaguer  +


Implementing RPL in a mobile and fixed wireless sensor network +Knut Øvsthus  +, Josef Noll  +
Integrating Energy Devices through BasicInternet +Josef Noll  +, Iñaki Garitano  +, Sudhir Dixit  +


MacroFemtoNetworkAspects +Josef Noll  +
Measurable Security for NFC +Josef Noll  +
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