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Headline New skin for CSM:Home
Status Closed
Issue ID 009
Issue Type Enhancement
Priority Normal
Description Hei Neill,

could you jump into our praia:/var/www/mediawiki.../skins and create a CSM skin based on the existing SAT skin? I convinced my folks that the CSM:Home is a much better way of sustainability as the site Thus, I need to upgrade the skin... and you are so effective in doing so. PS: I used the skin "sat" for the CSM:Home, and "csm" for the talk pages. Just to give you a chance to test

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Created By Josef.Noll
Date Added 2016/01/11

Response Okay Josef, this is done for you.

One thing, I notice the page content is overflowing the max site width on the right. This is due to the "Collaborate Coomunicate Share" banner being too wide. You either need to reduce its width or have it above the "About Us" box at 100% width.

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2016/01/12

Response Overflow is resolved - Thanks for the work - "Issue is closed"
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Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2016/02/03