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Citi-Sense-MOB uses innovative technology to continuously measure, share and communicate environmental data. Our goal is to create a dynamic city infrastructure for real-time city management and sustainable progress by providing services related to climate change gases and air quality.

Citizens interworking for services
The Figure illustrates the Citi-Sense-MOB architecture. The measuring system is composed of numerous sensors mounted on mobile platforms (buses, bikes, cars, etc.). The continuously gathered data is then transmitted to a server which combines it with already existing data (models, monitoring stations, etc.). The processed data is given back to the citizens presented in a user-friendly and visually informative layout using web services and mobile phone apps.

Citi-Sense-MOB raises awareness related to the links between climate change and air pollution, the impact on public health and the benefits of using less polluting transportation. Mobile monitoring of air quality will also help for a better planning and development of urban areas (i.e. public transport, cycling routes, pedestrian areas).

Our end users are targeted in the first place people with asthma, kols or other respiratory diseases, breathing problems, workers exposed to prolonged stays close to roads, elderly, and of course health-conscious citizens.

In order to motivate citizens to start using the information, we will give them the possibility of having personalized and customised information such as alerting systems or advice. The major benefit for the citizen is the knowledge of air quality levels in their surrounding area or a specific location. The system is/was tested in the city of Oslo in 2014-2016.

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Collaboration Partners

  • Ruter
  • Oslo Kommune
  • Nobina
  • HiOA

Clean Air Collaboration

  • Citizen Observatory (Facebook)
  • CitiSense