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Om Trygt Svangerskap prosjektet

..... Gravid Pluss project aims to develop and evaluate a mobile application ("the Gravid+ app") for women with gestational diabetes mellitus. The project started in April 2014 and is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. Blood sugar levels are automatically transferred from a glucometer to the smartphone and users receive tailored advice about their diet and physical activity. The app will be tested among 260 women with gestational diabetes in an randomized controlled study at 5 hospitals in Oslo and Akershus.


The consortium collaborating in this project indlucdes:

Project Participants in GravidPluss

Deltager i Trygt Svangerskap prosjektet: Berit Schei, Eva Marie Flaathen, Jeanette Angelshaug, Josef Noll, Kirsten Jagmann, Lena Henriksen, Lisa Garnweidner-Holme, Mirjam Lukasse, Sezer Kisa, Tine Gammelgaard Aaserud


The Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) is Norway's largest state university college, with a student body of 16 000 students and 1 850 employees. HiOA offers a unique range of professional programmes that qualify students for professions that will contribute to future welfare and value creation.

Project members of HiOA: Eva Marie Flaathen, Jeanette Angelshaug, Lena Henriksen, Lisa Garnweidner-Holme, Mirjam Lukasse, Sezer Kisa


The University of Oslo (UiO) i... ITS is a graduate educational institution for master and doctoral students, primarily from UiO and NTNU. The main focus of UNIK is on applied science.

Project members of UiO: Josef Noll

Samarbeidende Helsestasjoner

  • Alna Helsestasjon
  • Bjerke Helsestasjon
  • Grorud Helsestasjon
  • Stovner Helsestasjon
  • Lillestrøm Helsestasjon
  • Skedsmo Helsestasjon
  • Ås Helsestasjon
  • Oppegård Helsestasjon
  • Familiens Hus Halden
  • Ski Helsestasjon
  • Jevnaker Helsestasjon
  • Rakkestad Helsestasjon
  • Våler Helsestasjon
  • Rælingen Helsestasjon
  • Aurskog-Høland Helsestasjon
  • Nesodden Helsestasjon
  • Trøgstad Helsestasjon
  • Nittedal Helsestasjon

Project members of Helsestasjon: Josef Noll

About the project

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