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Category:Network technology is one of the Research Areas of UNIK

TEK4100Digital Communications
TEK4120Mobile Communications
TEK5100Mobility in the Internet and ad-hoc Networks
TEK5110Building and Controlling Communication Networks using IoT-devicesJosef Noll
Maghsoud Morshedi
TEK5120Service-oriented Architecture Implementation
TEK5130Satellite CommunicationsLars Bråten
TEK5520Information Security in industrial Sensor and Mobile SystemsMohammad Mushfiqur Rahman Chowdhury
TEK9100Advanced Topics in Ad-hoc networks
TEK9520Selected topics in Information Security in Industrial Sensor- and Mobile Systems
UNIK4190Information theory and error control
UNIK4200Multicasting, routeing and service quality
UNIK4430Atomklokker, Satellittnavigasjonssystemer og Synkronisering

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