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GravidPluss:App status for Apple Store

Title App status for Apple Store
Place Skype
Date, Time 2015/02/12, 2100-2200
Contact Person Iñaki Garitano
Participants Serhat Sama, Eray Ayduran, Iñaki Garitano
related to Project GravidPluss
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  • How to register the app into the Apple Store
    • Research project, app
    • Not available for everyone --> provide a set of numbers which they can use to try the app. (8-9 digits and 10 numbers)
    • Two versions, reduced and full ones.

  • Women recruitment without the app in the Apple Store. (1 account there are restrictions)
    • The idea is to start in one week recruiting women.
    • One version ready for Apple Store (can be updated after the first approval)
    • Another version ready for women recruitment.

  • Functionalities tested independently and working fine
    • PDF generation
    • PDF printing
    • Navigation through menus
    • Graphs

  • Functionalities which are not tested or in place
    • Glucose graphic and page design (CSS problem)
      • App gets mad after showing the graphic. Need to kill and restart the app to have it running again.
    • Manual measurements
    • Table with measurements
    • Notes
    • Stopwatch
    • PDF generation from table of measurements selecting a desired period of time
    • Printing the PDF

  • Functionalities working fine
    • Phone number identification
    • Dynamic pages. Sometimes I get an error saying 117.html no available
    • Bluetooth glucose meter
      • Last value transfer OK (to trigger the graph is necessary to push the button)
      • Android everything works fine