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GravidPluss: Health App
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GravidPluss:Collaboration Melbourne Nov2018

Title GravidPluss:Collaboration_Melbourne
Date, Time 2018/11/19, 0800-0900 (Oslo time)
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Mirjam Lukasse, Lisa Garnweidner-Holme, Georgia Soladatos, Jacqueline Boyle, Shamil Cooray, Helena Teede, Grace Xie
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  • technical compatibility with Monash University systems (Grace)
  • glucometers (Shamil)
  • publishing the app in the Australian app store (Josef)
  • collaborative agreement/ MOU (Josef)
  • model for content creation and translation (Josef, Jacqui, Grace)

Notes and Conclusions

iPhone download is fine from Australia

  • access the app after installation (currently needs authorisation managed remotely in Norway)
  • user account needs to be bound to a local hospital in Europe (not applicable in the Australian context)

Australian numbers - mobile number starts from +61 (0) nine digits thereafter

Glucometers arrived

  • AI Shamil: give a notice to Mirjam when “hands-on” experiences on the app

Adopted dev approach: Cordova - translating multiple languages

  • hybrid app solution not scalable, especially when multi-language support is required; modern approach is to develop cross-platform native app
  • develop cross-platform native apps (e.g. use react native) can be expensive; needs extra funding support.
  • “pages on the mobile” - “iCloud account”
  • “does not function as a research platform tool”
  • With security and privacy concern, existing app doesn't support data migration/transferring (e.g. historical data collected from user's Glucose meter) to a new mobile device
  • Solution: let app platform's data cloud centre manage data security & privacy, e.g. Apple's Health data repository is managed centrally under individual's iCloud account.
  • using mobile app as a research tool, we collect both user behaviour data (e.g. collected by Google Analytics) and user profile data (provided by users) stored in secured data cloud.

Main and secondary outcome

  • lack of feedback from the use of the app is a hinder for a good analysis
  • GAWI(?) app (US app), “recommended behaviour change”

Future developments/Opportunities

Lots of international groups will be interested

  • donors are looking for behavioural changes and societal/economic benefits

Collection on data

  • assist the response when seeing

Behaviour changes monitored

  • Question (to Helena): behaviour change measures - framework?

App Store

  • iOS globally available
  • Google Play needs to be established
  • Grace - +61 (0) 403619116 [61403619116]


  • use the phone number for registering… AU vs NO data
  • excellent opportunities for addressing behavioural change and society/economical benefits
    • grant opportunties: EU
  • AI Shamil: which feedback is going to be collected?
  • Grace and Josef: Discuss ways for translation (navigation/app menu items [technical' + content translation [medical domain expert])
  • AI Grace and Shamil: to check Glucose meters in the AU market, to ask for the SDK

Notes from Oct2018 meeting

All partners are highly motivated for a future collaboration.

The GravidPluss App is developed with the three languages (Norwegian, Urdu and Somali). The extension towards further languages is possible.

We agreed on a (long term) common goal: contribute to the United Nations on Digital Collaboration (Global Health). Background: Josef Noll is Secretary General of the Basic Internet Foundation (BasicInternet), and promotes Digital Health as catalyst to both digital literacy and digital empowerment. The United Nations have established the High-level panel on digital cooperation, where a.o. Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah (see Wikipedia) is member, aside with Nicolai Astrup, the Minister of International Development. We would like to bring "Digital Health" as a topic to the High-level panel

  • ActionItem (AI): Jacqueline, Shamil, Georgia ellaborate an introduction to Dhanajayan

Ownership model

OsloMet and UiO agree to share the code according to GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

  • AI: Josef to suggest an Intentional Agreement on use of software (including app store) -

Technology framework

The GravidPluss app (see: is currently a "collection of web pages (.html)", which are loaded into the app. Each of the Web pages contains a language specific section, i.e. Norwegian, Somali and Urdu. In order to extend, there are two options:

  • extend the language pages with sections in en, ch, ... -
    • Comments: you need to address every single .html file, and add the specific language section.
    • The app loads all sections, and will become bigger
  • re-organise the app, and base it on "just load the language needed"
    • Would require a re-design
  • Recommendation is to combine the re-design with a translation tool, to enable extendability to other languages
  • As of today (Okt2018), no usage data are collected from the app usage. All study data have been collected using 3 questionnaires. Data from the questionnaires are stored at BasicInternet servers, and shared using Owncloud from the BasicInternet server.
    • In case data should be collected from the app, e.g. blood sugar values, then it will be done on a "per country" base in accordance with the Ethics approval relevant for the country.
    • The technical solution is based on IP-address routing of the data, e.g. a user in Australia will send the data to a server in Australia

Glucose data transfer from meters to the App

  • we have currently only focussed on the Fora Care Blood Sugar Meter, and the App recognises only those meter data.
  • extension to other meters should be straight forward, given that we get an "SDK" from the supplier.

Steps ahead

  • Melbourne will use the App "as is" for a pilot with ~6 Urdu pilot users. The Google version of the app is available from the Regarding the iOS version, Josef has to elaborate on how to make it available on the .au app-store
  • AI: Mirjam will send 10 (20?) devices to Melbourne, Shamil
  • After the initial user feedback, we re-discuss on the follow-on steps

Our future goals (not discussed)

  • what do we want to achieve from the app? (which data) - see DigI Village Platform

Follow-up meeting:

  • 9Nov, both 08:00h Oslo time - 6 PM Melbourne

Suggested agenda:

  • Information from the IT experts from UiO and Monash University related to the sharing of the codes; publishing the app in the AU apple store.
  • Discussion about the content in the app - who translates/checks the current content?