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GravidPluss:Sync with Serhat and Eray

Title GravidPluss:Sync with Serhat and Eray
Place Skype
Date, Time 2014/10/03, 1500-1630
Contact Person Iñaki Garitano
Participants Serhat Sama, Eray Ayduran, Iñaki Garitano
related to Project GravidPluss
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Agreement on working procedure

In order to make clear for all of us how the pages are interconnected, we will work in parallel with two files:

  1. PowerPoint design file (Gravid+AppXXXX14.pptx)
  2. Page connection map (Gravid+ app vX.pdf)

Both Lisa and Iñaki will work with the PowerPoint design file. Lisa will update the content and finish the design while Iñaki will verify that the slides are clear enough for Serhat and Eray. In case something is not clear enough Iñaki will update the design. Serhat and Eray will use the PowerPoint design as the base for the development. They will not work on those slides that are not considered finished. Iñaki will let them know.

The connection map will be edited just by Iñaki. For each version he will generate a new pdf file. The connection map shows the following:

  1. Interconnection between different pages
  2. Classification of pages, static(black)/dynamic(red[web pages])
  3. Status of pages: in progress (? mark before the page number), finished
  4. Differences between languages and rest of user selections

Lisa, Serhat and Eray will use it as reference and if they consider that something has to be changed they will notify Iñaki.

Clarifications during the meeting

  • Last version of the design: after clarifying with Lisa, the last version of most of the design pages will NOT be ready immediately. The main reason is that many people have to work on that and finally there will be a person who will go trough all the text an verify if the content is correct.
  • Translation: pages will NOT be available in Pakistani neither in Somali before Norwegian pages are finished.
  • Notes in the app: Serhat and Eray suggest that notes functionality should be easy to develop.
  • Hyperlinks within dynamic pages to other sections of the app: Serhat and Eray say that is possible, but they have to try.
  • Notification: Eray says that they are working but with some restrictions. We will use them just if it is necessary.
  • iOS printing: Serhat and Eray say this functionality needs more work. Developing with PhoneGap needs more work than expected to make sure that the same functionality works in both platforms.

Action Items

  1. Dummy pages: Serhat and Eray will work in the main functionality and if necessary they will create some dummy web pages to simulate the functionality.
  2. Notes: Iñaki will ask Josef what does he think about notes functionality.
  3. Hyperlinks within dynamic pages: Serhat and Eray will try this functionality and will notify Iñaki about the result.
  4. Web pages backend: Iñaki will ask Josef what kind of backend would be necessary. % Josef: is not necessary any kind of backend.
  5. Weight graph: Iñaki will work on some examples and rules regarding the weight graph and will notify Serhat and Eray whenever the examples are ready. % Iñaki: waiting for Lisa in order to be sure that what I have done is correct.
  6. Manual Blood Sugar Level: Iñaki will redesign the manual blood sugar level page and will notify Serhat and Eray whenever is finished. % Iñaki: done.
  7. Deadlines: after the meeting of 7th of October, new deadline will be established.