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Headline "Free form" normal text input before search elements
Status Closed
Issue ID 006
Issue Type Enhancement
Priority Normal
Description I'd like to build up pages where some "semantic information" comes first, then I'll have space for free text input, and then the rest of "semantic information".

Taking the user page, like Josef Noll. I'd like to have

  • name, contact info, picture, and tag cloud first
  • The the free input, e.g. About, references...
  • Then information like project leadership, participation in meeting,

Currenlty the page is define through Template:User, where a lot of semantic queries are added. All of these queries are shown prior to the information "About the user".

Page Link Josef Noll
Screenshot Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 21.14.26.png
Created By Josef.Noll
Date Added 2015/09/10

Response If we switch to using forms and templates for content pages, then this is entirely possible. The dev sites I gave you access to show how you can add sophisticated layouts to pages if templates are used across the site.
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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2015/10/06

Response Hi Josef.

Would you like me to come up with a new user page design using a form and template? We could also have it so they are auto created when a new user is added.

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2015/10/15

Response Hei Neill,

1) yes, please go ahead with a new user page design. I am currently using "Template:User" and "Form:User" for these pages, thus I suggest you rename them to "User_2014" and start from scratch. The user pages are already autocreated, see "All" or "All participants".

2) Could you do a quick fix with the Form:IoTSec_AI and Template:IoTSec_AI, used in creating ActionItems from the page? 3) while doing so, can you check why cols=1 (or cols=10) does not work for the User field in the action items? Every new action item has a long field for Action Items

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Screenshot Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 11.53.03.png
Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2015/10/18

Response Hi Josef.

Unfortunately Free Text is always shown after the template content. I never use SF's Free Text because you have absolutely no control over it's styling. It would be better to use a form/template field to capture and display this text (it doesn't have to be stored in a property). We can probably use a cunning replace text regex to take the existing free text content and convert it into a field.

I have sorted out the size of the User field and Title field. SF now defaults to input type of textarea for text fields. So I have told it that the Title field is input type text which then obeys the size parameter. The User is an array type so needed the size parameter rather than rows and cols :) I'll look at the CSS to sort out the ugly alignment of the dates.

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2015/10/19

Response Hi Neill,

perfectly okay to omit the "free text" input. What do you suggest we use? We can start from Scratch for Users, as almost no user has information about himself on the page (some might). Thus, please provide me with an example for a new "User" page. Do you recommend to move them into the "Namespace User:Josef_Noll"?

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Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2015/10/21

Response Hi Josef.

We can salvage the free text that is currently captured by using a replace text regex to assign it to a new field in the template. I suggest we call the new field "ItemText" to replace the free text element.

I am working on the new user page. I'll let you know when it's in a state to demo.

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2015/10/28

Response I have replaced the Free Text in the IoT_AI template with a text field. I installed the Replace Text extension and run a regex to convert the existing pages from Free Text to the ItemText field. So now the

"See all Action Items of IoTSec" and "Edit this action item" links now appear under the text as requested.

I've added the category query method of linking to the category pages to sort out the footer merger issue.

I also sorted out the alignment of the dates etc :)

We should look to replace the Free Text with a field in other templates e.g. Meetings. Please let me know if you want me to do this.

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2015/11/04

Response Well done in Form:IoTSec_AI - Yes, please replace the text also in the Meetings, such that it is easier to handle.

A small mistake in Form:IoTSec_AI - When the Form is called within the IoTAdmin namespace, the action item has a double IoTAdmin, like: "IoTAdmin:IoTAdmin:AI-044". page name=IoTAdmin:AI-<unique number;start=001>

Can you add a query that the page AI-044 is created in the respective namespace IoTAdmin, regardless if you call the page from IoTSec or IoTAdmin namespace?

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Screenshot Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 21.34.44.png
Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2015/11/11

Response Hi Josef.

I see the problem with the double IoTAdmin namespace on the page name. You have IoTAdmin hardwired in the form - IoTAdmin:AI-<unique number;start=001>

You should not specify the namespace in the form itself. Instead use the namespace= parameter on the formlink that calls the form to specify which namespace the page will be in. This way you can use the form for multiple namespaces :)

For example, the issues formlink specifies the issues pages are in the Issues namespace using:

{{#formlink:form=Issue Form|link text=Log a new Issue|link type=button|namespace=Issues}}
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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2015/11/24