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Headline Project Reporting
Status Accepted
Issue ID 010
Issue Type Enhancement
Priority Normal
Description We'd like to add reporting about the advances in, Special:FormEdit/Quarterly_Report

The typical reporting scheme shall have a "dropdown" menu for

a) organisation
b) quarter (Q1.2016, Q2.2016, ...)
c) task

The main challenge is to have "add another task" to your report. The structure is as follows: I go to reporting, select my organisation, select the quarter I would like to report on, and then select 1. task, provide a progress report (text box), then add another task, provide progress,...., until I "submit my report".

The outcome is then a quarterly report from all partners, see IoTAdmin:Q1.2016-UiO as example

UiO has ....
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Screenshot Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.51.32.png
Created By Josef.Noll
Date Added 2016/01/15

Response Hi Josef.

This should be quite easy. It needs multi-instance functionality added to the form and template. The only problem is going to be my time. I do not think I can get this done much before the 28th of Jan. Is that okay or too long?

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2016/01/20

Response Hi Josef.

I had added the "Add Task" button. You can created one or more tasks and it records who created it and when. Please let me know if you want the fields changed or others added. We can also make it more pretty if you want.

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2016/01/22

Response Dear Neill,

thanks, that's the basics which I needed - Treat it as (almost) solved, and I will continue working with it. What I need is that the reporting per task goes into a specific "field", such that I can later on create an automatic reporting:

Project Report Q1.2016

Task 0.1 Project management

  • contribution from partner xx
  • contribution from partner yy
  • contribution...
  • ...

Note: Urgent meant that I needed this one "ahead of all other ones". I don't expect to need help "within a week or two", except if the wiki crashes

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Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2016/01/26

Response Dear Neill,

one challenge: Can we go to "edit existing page" if a page exists? - Using the reporting form: Special:FormEdit/Quarterly_Report I get an overwrite if the file exists, see History of IoTAdmin:Q4.2015-UiO. Thanks Josef

Page Link Special:FormEdit/Quarterly_Report IoTAdmin:Q4.2015-UiO
Screenshot Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.00.18.png
Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2016/01/29

Response Huff, I really don't understand what I've done. Can you try to fix:

Hope you can see what error's I did in the various Templates, e.g. Template:Report_Task_Template, Template:Activity_Reporting, Template:Achievement_Reporting

Page Link Special:FormEdit/Quarterly_Report IoTAdmin:Q1.2016-UiO IoTAdmin:Q1.2016-UiO_Master
Screenshot Task Reporting.png
Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2016/01/29

Response Hi Josef,

The Quarterly Report page should end up looking better now. Here is an example of what a report looks like now.

  • The Forms and Templates is now be adapted so that it shows input from the Quarterly_Report more tidy and correctly.

Changes I have made:

  • The Form Quarterly_Report
    • Quarterly_Report is modified so that code that was unnecessary, is now removed.
    • Added the Templates that contained example text to the Quarterly_Report correctly.
  • The Templates Activity Reporting and Achievement Reporting edited to fit the Quarterly_Report.


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Screenshot Example Report 13 05 2016.png
Responded by Kim.Jonatan.Wessel.Bjorneset
Response Added 2016/05/12

Response Hi Neill,

The remaining challenge for quarterly reports was that "new pages" could overwrite existing pages. What we had hoped in creating a quarterly report that: - If a page exists, it opens that quarterly report for edits - If a page does not exist, the new quarterly report is created

Do you have a solution for that? Josef

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Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2017/01/14