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Headline Create a new skin (ITS) for main
Status Closed
Issue ID 015
Issue Type Enhancement
Priority Urgent
Description UNIK has become the "Department for Technology Systems". Thus the wiki should represent the UiO design, given at Meaning:
  • the new logo should be the UiO logo
  • background of the header is black
  • lighter gray for the Navbar
  • (and, if you can, top line with the current page name)

My suggestion is to use the ITS.php skin on, being a modified copy from the GRAVID.php skin

Page Link,
Screenshot UiO ITS page.png
Created By Josef.Noll
Date Added 2017/01/14

Response Hi Josef.

I am working on this now. I saw there was already an ITS skin, so I have create ITS2 which you can review. Should have it complete next week. Just having to remember how all the footer navigation stuff worked!

Page Link
Responded by Neill
Response Added 2017/02/20

Response Hi Neill,

looks really great. I see the success... Just a small bug. The MediaWiki:Hf-nsheader- or Template:Main_Navbar don't produce correct results. The overlay does not over the underlying "header".

In fact, what keeps me puzzled is that the "header" looks to be hard coded (it always has the UNIK Wiki, UNIK Courses...) in the bottom, and the settings from HF-nsheader- as an overlay.

Page Link
Screenshot Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 21.22.45.png
Responded by Josef.Noll
Response Added 2017/02/27