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Headline LinkedIN address not shown
Status Closed
Issue ID 027
Issue Type Bug
Priority Normal
Description I tried to show the LinkedIN address of users in the "partner form", but "SHOWFACTBOX" does not show me that LinkedIN is a property.

Supported by that Property:LinkedIN has no entries In addition the "read more" is not shown on the partner page, e.g. NVE

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Created By Josef.Noll
Date Added 2017/10/14

Response Hi Josef.

I have fixed this. The User short template was not storing the LinkedIn field to the property.

I also modified the Partner User template you use in listings to have the LinkedIn field, otherwise it was appearing in the e: line in the listing.

One other thing, I notice you are using colons in field names e.g. {{{LinkedIn company:}}}, {{{Web:}}} etc. You should avoid this as arraymaps (and other things in SMW) do not like colons.

Also, when using arraymaps it's best to avoid having a single x. The way arraymaps work, if the value in the field contains an x only that letter will get put into the array. I always use xx to avoid this as no words have a double x in them :)

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Responded by Neill
Response Added 2017/11/01