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Achim Berger +Researcher at ...  +
Adam Szekeres +PhD student  +
Ahmed Seif Mohamed +Researcher at ...  +
Aimé Maxime Itamba +Master Researcher  +
Alexander Stocker +Researcher at ...  +
Ali Khalighi +Associate Professor  +
Anders Aune +Researcher at ...  +
Anders Gaustad +Master at HVL  +
Andrea Fabio Cattoni +Associate Professor in Radio Access Technology at the Department of Electronic Systems  +
Andrea Winkler +Leader of Centre for Global Health  +
Andreas Springer +Researcher at ...  +
Andrej Grebenc +Project Adviser in Security Research at REA  +
Andrej Viotti +Researcher at ...  +
Andrew +Researcher at ...  +
Ane Solesvik Oppedal +International Project Manager  +
Ange Angeli +Researcher at Orange Labs  +
Angela Taft +Researcher at ...  +
Anna Ivanova +Researcher at ...  +
Anna Lerner +Energy and ICT Specialist at World Bank Group  +
Anna Tesha +Assistant to the director  +
Anne Breivik +Project leader "Randomizing Speed School II"  +
Anne Hatløy +Researcher at Fafo, partner in "Visjon2030 formative dialogue project"  +
Antoni Nyerere +Researcher at ...  +
Antonio Lagarda +Researcher at ...  +
Are Larsen Otterdal +Co-Founder in Nideco  +
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