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Assessment +An assessment expresses a logical connection between influencers and the ends and/or means of the business plans.  +
Assessment category +Annex G describes a set of categories of assessment, based on the widely-used SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) approach, which is suggested as a default.  +
Asset +An asset is an actual thing (tangible or intangible) owned by the enterprise, rather than the accounting sense of “asset” - the monetary value of the thing.  +, Categories of asset are: fixed asset, resource.  +


Business process +An activity is work that is performed within a business process. An activity can be atomic or non-atomic (compound). The types of activity that are a part of a Business Process are: Process, Sub-Process, and Task.  +
Business rule +A rule is a claim of obligation or necessity.  +


Characteristic +A characteristic always has exactly one role, but it can be defined using fact types having multiple roles.  +
Concept type +A concept is related to a concept type by being an instance of the concept type.  +
Course of action +Categories of course of action include: strategy, tactic  +


Desired result +Categories of desired result include: goal, objective.  +
Directive +Categories of directive include: business policy, business rule.  +


End +Categories of end include: vision; desired result  +
External influencer +Categories of external influencer might include: competitor; customer; environment; partner  +


Fact type +Two fact type definitions define the same fact type if they reveal the same incorporated characteristics and the same fact type roles.  +, For each instance of a fact type, each role of the fact type is one point of involvement of something in that instance.  +


Influencer +Categories of influencer include: external influencer; internal influencer  +
Influencer category +Annex G describes a set of categories of influencer, recommended as a default set.  +


Means +Categories of means include: mission; course of action; directive  +


Offering +Instances of offerings, such as finished goods, are a kind of resource.  +


Potential impact +Categories of potential impact include: potential reward; risk.  +


Role +A role can be an object type or a fact type role. A role is always understood with respect to actualities of a particular fact type or to other particular situations.  +