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"Internet lite for all" - Sosial digital innovasjon 2018/08/16 +Josef Noll  +


5G Network Slicing for Digital Inclusion 2018/01/05 +Josef Noll  +
5G, 6G and Wifi Network Slices 2019/04/28 +Josef Noll  +


ABAC and eHealth 2017/11/30 +Hamed Arshad  +
AMI Topology +Manish Shrestha  +
An Evolutionary Game for Integrity Attacks and Defenses 2018/06/06 +Svetlana Boudko  +
An evolutionary game for confidentiality attacks +Peder Aursand  +
Analysis of IoT Sec Ecosystem +Konstantin Lenchik  +


Basic Internet - Bridging the Digital Divide 2019/05/10 +Josef Noll  +
Basic Internet Foundation: Digital Inclusion 2019/04/04 +Wessam9555  +
Blockchain challenges +Roman Vitenberg  +
Building Trust in the Internet of Things 2018/01/23 +Peter Moertl  +


Connecting Non-grid Africa +Finn Helge Tolpinrud  +


DDoS Attack Detection in SDN 2017/12/05 +Ramtin Aryan  +
Definition of core, extended, future BBs 2018/03/01 +Josef Noll  +
DigI Presentation Andrea +Andrea Winkler  +
DigI Project Status 2019/04/09 +Josef Noll  +
DigI-SDG 3 Health related Topics +Josef Noll  +
Digital Deltagelse for Alle 2019/02/13 +Josef Noll  +
Digital Health Examples from HiOA +Mirjam Lukasse  +
Digital Health Intervention in TZ - Plans and Time Schedule +Felix Sukums  +
Digital Health as Catalyst for Digital Societies +Josef Noll  +
Digital Health in Tanzania +Bernard Ngowi  +
Digital Inclusion and Empowerment - The killer app for 6G -Nov2018 +Josef Noll  +
Digital Inclusion in Rural Tanzania 2018/04/16 +Josef Noll  +
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