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How to edit the SAT pages

The SAT pages are built up on top of a Semantic MediaWiki. The SAT page is using the following elements

Note: Translation to Norwegian is simply by adding /NO to any page. Example: SAT_News has the English version of people and more, while SAT_News/NO has the Norwegian version of information on people.

Login to the Wiki

In the upper corner you have the Login. After the login, the Edit is in the footer of each Wiki page.

Note: All users can add new users to the Wiki through Special:UserLogin/signup

Formatting on a wiki

top formatting table

As such, editing is done based on the syntax given in MediaWiki, Help Formatting. Alternatively you can mark a word or sentence, and then use the pictograms on the top to achieve the formatting.

Comments/Suggestions ?

If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know

Note: more details on elements are provided in BasicInternet:How_to_edit