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'''Finished projects:'''
 Titleled by:supported by:
DiversIoT FactpageDiversIoTChristian JohansenNFR
PhD DSO SecurityMeasurable Security for DSO services on the Smart GridManish ShresthaNFR
CystinetAndrea WinklerBMBF
PhD-Managed WifiManaged Wifi for Application-specific RoutingMaghsoud MorshediNFR
SCOTTSecure COnnected Trustable Things (ECSEL-IA 737422)Michael KaernerNFR
IoTSecSecurity in IoT for Smart GridsJosef NollNFR
DigINon-discriminating Access for Digital InclusionJosef NollNFR
HearingCareA new hearing care service in TanzaniaTone ØderudNFR
RELIGHTProDHP: Digital Health Promotion for the Centre for Global HealthChristine HolstUiO
NGINONext Generation Internet - Norwegian ParticipationVilija Balionyte-MerleNFR
PriTEMPrivacy preserving Transactive Energy Management (PriTEM)Sabita MaharjanUiO:Energy
SchoolConnectivity KE 2021School Connectivity with [[AHERI]] and [[DENT Wireless]] in 2021Josef NollDENT Wireless
RotaryKnowledgePortalRotary Knowledge Portal - Trustable Information for Opening OpportunitiesCarlos Rodriguez ArrietaOwn
Trygt SvangerskapTrygt Svangerskap/Reducing Violence in PregnancyMirjam LukasseNFR
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