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The Basic Internet Foundation

Envision a world of free access to basic information on health care, education or development.

Join our quest to make this vision a reality!

The Basic Internet Foundation aims at optimised content delivery on capacity-limited networks:

  • The Foundation will offer free access to low capacity Internet as a carrier of digital content to people in areas with low admission and / or no internet coverage.
  • The Foundation will assist organisations and companies to adapt and disseminate information for the affected recipients should be able to help themselves.

Assistance may include educational systems, healthcare, agriculture information, innovation, development, banking or other services that contribute to increased welfare and value creation to benefit the population in the respective areas.

  • The Foundation will offer their benefits based on needs and in as many areas as possible.
  • The Foundation is not bound to own/operate and deliver their benefits in perpetuity in an area. When factors such as social conditions, markets or economy have evolved satifactorily, the Foundation can terminate its involvement in the region. The Foundation may then sell/transfer assets, rights and obligations onto commercial operators.

The Foundation was established in December 2014 as collaboration between The University Graduate Centre (UNIK) and Kjeller Innovasjon AS. The team consists of Professor Josef Noll, Tor J. Blomseth, Gunnar Nilsson and Vidar Sannerhaugen. Together they have extensive experience with entrepreneurship, innovation, development, implementation and operation.