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This semantic template provides a simple way to simultaneously annotate a page with the property Deliverable|Number|Name|Delivery Date|Partner and display its value in a standardized scientific notation.

Usage: this takes 5 parameters:

  • (0) the name of the template, here: Deliverable
  • (1) the project, e.g. pSHIELD
  • (2) WP Package, e.g. WP2
  • (3) Task number e.g. T2.1
  • (4) the name, e.g. name of deliverable
  • (5) delivery date, e.g. M9 (month)
  • (6) open or restricted, e.g. open
  • (7) Lead partner (who has responsibility), e.g. THYIA
  • (8) Editor (main responsible person), e.g. Spase.Drakul

for example {{Deliverable|pSHIELD|WP2|D2.1|name of deliverable|M9|open|THYIA|Spase.Drakul}}

Underneath (in edit mode) is the actual template "code", which generates the whole web page:

Deliverable Template:Deliverable

Template:Deliverable of {{{1}}} is part of {{{2}}} in Task {{{3}}}

Title: {{{4}}}

The deliverable is {{{6}}}, due date is month {{{5}}}.

Lead partner of this deliverable is {{{7}}}, main and responsible editor is {{{8}}}

this page was created by Form:Deliverable, and can be edited by Special:FormEdit/Deliverable/Template:Deliverable

The deliverable is found here: