DigI:Global Health Media Interactivity

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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:Global Health Media Interactivity

Title DigI:Global_Health_Media_Interactivity
Place GotoMeeting
Date, Time 2017/10/13, 1430-1530
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Peter Cardellichio, Deborah Van Dyke, Christine Holst, Maurice Isabwe, Josef Noll
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13.Oct2017, 14:30-15:30

Discussion topics

  • measures for the uptake of digital information, e.g. counts, total video seen
  • value proposition
    • for operators UCSAF
    • for health/education authorities
  • types of videos to show/ways to present the videos in TZ

Health Topics

HIV, Anthrax, Cystocircosis, TBc are core health topics in DigI

Other content to use:

  • which one: not decided yet, first priority is to bring digital connectivity to the villages
  • yes, more health content like videos will be added
  • local Internet station (hot-spots) are the ways on how video and health information is distributed
  • how to get people involved: one of the topics we wold like to find out. Alternatives are e.g. (a) fixed stations, (b) health workers, (c) volunteers,

Interactivity issues

Interactivity ideas:

Other questions related to interactivity

  • Swaheli language, probably another language in Selela in the North (check with Elibariki)
  • currently Kenia Swaheli

Literacy level in the rural areas is low. Interactive quizzes


  • Peter to identify which videos
  • Peter to review the interactivity paper (page from Maurice)
  • Christine to start approval process (with ministry of health)
  • later on: discussion on app versus web - ways of presentation of content