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- Autumn holidays - no lecture +Josef Noll  +
- no lecture - +No lecture  +
- no lecture, Josef travelling - +Josef Noll  +


3D printer +Simen Tvedt Engen  +


API comparison: Protege, OWL and SPARQL +Josef Noll  +
Antennas and their communication parameters +Josef Noll  +
Applying SWRL, DL Query and SPARQL to your ontology +Josef Noll  +
Applying protege OWL API +Josef Noll  +
Assignment Presentations H16 +Maghsoud Morshedi  +, Simon Johansen  +, Muhammad Qammar Shehzad  +,
Assignment Presentations H16-2 +Maghsoud Morshedi  +, Simon Johansen  +, Muhammad Qammar Shehzad  +,


Basics of Communication +Josef Noll  +
Basics of Semantics +Josef Noll  +
Bla bla +Josef Noll  +
Building ontologies for UAV +Josef Noll  +


Cell and Cellular Traffic-I +Per Hjalmar Lehne  +
Cell and Cellular Traffic-II +Abul Kaosher  +
Combating the effect of Fading in Mobile Systems +Per Hjalmar Lehne  +
Comparison of Pellets, FaCT and HermiT +Josef Noll  +
Context-aware Scenarios +Josef Noll  +
Context-aware Scenarios III +Rozina Dongol  +, Shahzad Ali Khan  +
Context-aware Scenarios part II +Josef Noll  +
Context-aware Sensors +Nika Vibliani  +
Cost 231 propagation model comparison +Josef Noll  +, Tomasz Obuchowski  +
Cost231 propagation models +Josef Noll  +, Tomasz Obuchowski  +
Course evaluation +Abul Kaosher  +, Josef Noll  +
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