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GravidPluss: Health App
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GravidPluss:App design review

Title GravidPluss:App design review
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2014/09/29, 1000-1200
Contact Person Iñaki Garitano
Participants Lisa Garnweidner, Iñaki Garitano
related to Project GravidPluss
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During this meeting Lisa and Iñaki reviewed all the slides of the last design file, Gravid+App250914.pptx, and they created a map which shows the interrelation between different slides. What is pointing where.

Additionally they discuss about the following issues:

  • Which are the rules to follow the user to one or the other page.
  • Static / dynamic pages.
  • App languages and translation. In which area of the app will the users be able to change the language.
  • App usage details. Serhat has developed a module which stores the number of clicks and the spent time per page.
  • Printing method. The user sees the BloodSugar Graph and from that point is able to generate and print the blood sugar level measurements table. The table will be only in Norwegian.
  • Would be better to show the information of each hospital in a different page? Which are the hospital names?
    • Ullevål sykehus
    • Bærum sykehus
    • Rikshospitalet
    • Drammen sykehus
    • A-Hus

Action points

  1. Small adjustments of some pages to fit the design requirements (Iñaki)
  2. Redefinition of profile page (Iñaki)
  3. Rework on page link map after the pages adjustments (Iñaki)
  4. Clear definition of static/dynamic pages (Iñaki)
  5. Definition of rules (Lisa)
  6. Complete the information of pages (HiOA)
  7. Translation (HiOA)