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GravidPluss:Dignio collaboration meeting

Title Dignio collaboration meeting
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2015/01/29, 0900-1200
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Håkon Dahle, Lars Andreas Pedersen, Josef Noll, Iñaki Garitano
related to Project GravidPluss
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  • Status
  • App
  • Research proposals


We talked about the upcoming dates:

  1. Feasibility study in two weeks
  2. Patients recruitment starting on 1st April
  3. Role based access control for Dignio solution


  • iOS version is able to read the latest measurement
    • Instead of going further concentrate in joining all functionalities together and start the Apple Store process

Research proposals

  • Visjon2030, Dignio and Norad
  • Semantic attribute based access control

Action Items

  1. Iñaki to contact Mirjam regarding the 150 devices of Dignio.
  2. done - Håkon and Josef to have a phone call with Laila regarding Trondheim Visjon 2030. % We'll talk about the vision... and mention each other