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GravidPluss: Health App
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GravidPluss:November meeting

Title GravidPluss:November_meeting
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2014/11/24, 12:00-13:30
Contact Person Lisa Garnweidner, Mirjam Lukasse, Iren Borgen, Josef Noll
Participants Lisa Garnweidner, Mirjam Lukasse, Iren Borgen, Josef Noll, Iñaki Garitano
related to Project GravidPluss
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App Status


  • iOS version almost ready for Apple Store.
  • Serhat and Eray are solving the issues occurred during the integration of different functionalities.


  • We have both Android and iOS beta versions.
  • iOS printing is not yet in place.

Action Items

  1. Ask Eray to update the content of the iOS app.
  2. Lisa and Jeanette are working on the text translation. The will specify in a word document the powerpoint page and the corresponding text.

Dignio Collaboration

Notes 24Nov2014

Meeting with Dignio on 1.December. Lisa, Mirjam, Iñaki and Josef will go.

  • AI: Mirjam gets the agenda in place
  • AI: Everyone orders own travel: 08:02 from Oslo to Fredrikstad, return 13:38

International perspective

NFR's link to "Helse og Omsorgsstrategi", which is related to our ambitions in «Groruddalen/international aspects» for GravidPluss

Our research in GravidPluss is just doing what NFR wants, involving the patients. New requirements from NFR:

Fremtiden tilhører de pasientnære helseforskerne

Helseforskerne får nå en klar marsjordre: I fremtiden skal brukere og pasienter trekkes inn i forskningsprosjektene. Brukerne kan være med både i avgjørelsen om hva det skal forskes på, hvordan forskningen skal gjennomføres, og hvordan resultatene skal brukes.

Fremtiden er for de helseforskerne som er interessert i å samarbeide med brukerne og pasientene, sa den nederlandske pasientforskeren Maarten de Wit på en stor konferanse om brukermedvirkning i i helseforskning tirsdag 4. november. Dermed oppsummerte han både en internasjonal trend på området, og signalene som kommer fra norske myndigheter.

Notes 24Nov2014

  • AI: We'll discuss potential research topics during the physical meeting in March 2015

Blood Sugar Level measuring devices

Different options we consider:

  • Option A: zero devices
  • Option B: 132 + 3 devices
  • Option C: 280 devices
  • Option D: get more money
    • Option D.1: NFR

Status 27Oct2014

  1. J&J: last mail: they are not able to deliver the Verio Sync to Europe. Only the US market. No Bluetooth supporting device in the pipeline for 2015/2016
  2. iHealth: up to now the SDK sends everything to the cloud. Dismissed due to privacy concerns.
  3. - not considered as of now, due to direct connectivity
  4. Freestyle Libre: Mirjam does not agree with this solution.
  5. Fora care: these are the only devices we received. Serhat has one of them.
  6. MyGlucoHealth Meter from Entra Health Systems, contacted by Josef

Status 7Oct2014

  1. J&J: nothing new. Josef will have a call with them. - % called, and send email
  2. iHealth: Josef sent an email to clarify about the last slide on Developer Guidance of iHealth cloud(f).pdf - % talked to Louie: There are other customers/countries with privacy concern. But the current version does not support phone only connectivity. Though the measurement device connects either with Bluetooth or with Wifi direct to the phone, the SDK implies a direct connection to the cloud.
  3. - not considered as of now, due to direct connectivity
  4. Freestyle Libre: new way of measuring the blood sugar level. Instead of using strips the new technology is using a nfc device that is always attached to the skin and it measures the blood sugar level once an hour. Each time the user puts their device next to the pad the last measurements are transferred to the device. What we do not know clearly is how it will communicate with our app.
  5. Fora care: we expect to have some devices quite soon.