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The allowed values for this property are:

  • Planned
  • Ongoing
  • Finished
  • Obsolete

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5G Network Slicing for Free Access to Information +Planned  +


A Semantic Approach for context-aware Authorization in Enterprise Systems +Finished  +
A decentralised Internet for local Empowerment +Planned  +
A more secure Internet through Internet Lite +Planned  +
Access and improve optical sensors for vehicle navigation +Planned  +
Access to Digital Public Goods +Planned  +
Achieving Business Objectives through Smart Sensor Integration for Office Buildings +Finished  +
Advanced customer involvement through energy tariffs +Ongoing  +
Air quality recommender system for commuting +Finished  +
Analysis and Standards for the Information-Internet +Finished  +
Analysis of Data Structures on the Ethereum Blockchain +Finished  +
Analysis of Proxy services for an Information-Internet +Planned  +
Ant Colonization Optimisation Algorithm for knowledge-based Learning +Finished  +
Applying Microsoft Security for Home Energy Steering +Planned  +
Assessment of Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology +Finished  +
Assessment of Measurable Privacy for IoT Consumer Products +Finished  +
Attribute-based policy specification and enforcement +Planned  +


Battery-supported charging infrastructure for energy distribution grids +Finished  +
Building an Attack Simulator on the Electric Grid Infrastructure +Planned  +


CPM modem for broadband satellite communication +Finished  +
Content Delivery Networks for InfoInternet Deployments +Planned  +
Context aware systems +Obsolete  +


Decentralised Energy Systems for Africa in times of Climate Change +Finished  +
Digital Twin for Building-oriented Energy System +Ongoing  +


Education and Health through InfoInternet +Planned  +
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