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Trygt Svangerskap
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TrygtSvangerskap:TrygtSvangerskap May2017

Title TrygtSvangerskap_May2017
Place P32
Date, Time 2017/05/19, 0900-1100
Contact Person Lena Henriksen
Participants Josef.Noll, Mirjam Lukasse
related to Project Trygt Svangerskap
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Table round
end of meeting


Adgangskode: tall 01 (helsestasjon) kvinners navn (randomized) kontrollnr (summary)

  • open access to q.trygtsvangerskap
  • generate a reference list per health station - (think about how we divide...)
  • create two databases, a) for selected kvinner, b) for random kvinner/testing

separate in parts

  • Eva Maria kommer med forslag til nytt side
  • PAUSE -> gå back to last visited page
  • 3min -> nytt innlogging

Audio support

  • Icon on left side -

Detailed feedback

  • downtrack - for number input
  • number input
  • må fylle ut alle spørsmål - yes

Q2.5 - titel Q3.4 - hvis NO, than radio buttons disappear

Question for Serhat?

  • Priority 1 - Translation to Norwegian
  • after dbase access and visualisation
  • code and access ....

List of open ActionItems