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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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TI3.1 KPIs for digital Inclusion

Task Title KPIs for digital inclusion
Lead partner FCI
Contributors BasicInternet, UiO, FCI, SUA
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This task will establish the KPIs on how to measure digital inclusion and take-up

  • perform a literature analysis
  • talk to interested groups in the domain

Deliverables in TI3.1 KPIs for digital Inclusion

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Expected outcome

Year 1:

  • Literature review (M08)

From Danica: I got the feedback from Erwan. He sent me the following resources:

And as for the KPI, he expressed he could join me in the study. Maybe this is a good idea both for Digi and the scientific paper (along with Maurice and Christine) since he also have the similar background as me and experience in ICT for education and digital learning.