Assessment of Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology

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Assessment of Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology

by Thomas.Fagerland Wiig
Supervisor(s) Knut.Øvsthus, Josef.Noll
Due date 2010/05/03
Status Finished
Problem description: Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) have lead to increased efficiency in may types of organisations and industries, ...

An IPS system may consist of only one technology, or be a hybrid of two or more technologies, examples of which being RFID, Wifi, Ultrasound and Ultra-Wideband (UWB).

The technology assessment showed that UWB is probably the best technology for use in indoor positioning systems. UWB .... Wifi is a good choice for open indoor environments such as office or class rooms where some level of positioning error is accepted. The testing program build in this thesis, including the proposed positioning methods, show that it is possible to create a low cost indoor positioning system by re-using the existing wireless network infrastructure and still achieve an acceptable level of accuracy

Methods and Tools:
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Keywords Indoor Positioning, IPS, GPS, RFID, Wifi, Ultrasound, UWB

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