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Slideshows of Projects

All ongoing projects

 ProjectResearch Domain
DigINon-discriminating Access for Digital Inclusion5G Networks
Internet - IoPTS
DiversIoT FactpageDiversIoT5G Networks
Internet - IoPTS
FactpageITS administrasjon
HearingCareA new hearing care service in Tanzania
IoTSecSecurity in IoT for Smart GridsInternet - IoPTS
PhD DSO SecurityMeasurable Security for DSO services on the Smart GridInternet - IoPTS
PhD-Managed WifiManaged Wifi for Application-specific Routing5G Networks
Internet - IoPTS
Trygt SvangerskapTrygt Svangerskap/Reducing Violence in PregnancyEHealth

Finished Projects

 ProjectDue date
Basic InternetBasic Internet, promoting Internet light for all31 December 2018
Basic Internet accessFree access to information on the Internet30 June 2014
Citi-Sense-MOBCollaborate - Communicate - Share environmental data31 December 2015
CitiSenseCiti-Sense30 September 2016
Civil-UAVUsing embedded systems to safely monitor the environment30 September 2015
Connected DronesConnected Drones for Electricity Network Maintenance31 December 2017
ConnectedLifeDevelopment of the Research Group ConnectedLife at UNIK31 December 2012
Creative KnowledgeSensors, Dashboard for Creative Society17 January 2013
DiversIoTDiversIoT - Diversification for Resilient and Trustworthy IoT-systems31 December 2017
FreeSecEDUBuilding the security-aware society based on free Web access to security courses15 January 2014
GravidPlussHealth App for Diabetes in Pregnancy31 October 2018
ITS-WikiCSS style sheets for wiki30 November 2013
Internet-of-Things.noValue network: Internet of Things31 December 2015
MinMatMinMat - Research on breakfast habbits1 March 2014
Moodle ManualMoodle Manual for e-learning31 October 2013
NSHIELDnew SHIELD proving the methodology for measuring security of embedded systems31 December 2014
PSHIELDpilot Security Architecture for embedded systems30 November 2011
SATKa-band Radio Characterisation for Satcom Services in Arctic and High Latitude Regions31 December 2015
Satellite availabilityPrediksjon av forventet satellitt-tilgjengelighet31 December 2015
SenSecPhDSensor Security for the Internet of People, Things and Services19 January 2018
UAV-SME benefitUAV, research for the benefit of SME15 August 2012
Wiki update 2014Update the Wiki, Property fix and new design elements15 December 2014
Wiki update 2016Wiki as Project and Cooperative Knowledge Tool15 December 2016
Wiki/Maintenance and SecurityMaintenance and security31 August 2013
Wireless Handover SimulationsSimulations of handover in wireless communications20 December 2014