BasicInternet:Empower People Preparation


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BasicInternet:Empower People Preparation

Title Empower People Preparation
Place ITS@Kjeller
Date, Time 2017/01/26, 1400-1630
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Maghsoud Morshedi, Hans Martin Sydskogen Folkeseth, Rozina Dongol, Are Larsen Otterdal, Isabelle Tardy, Frateline Kashaga, Torbjørn Skauli, Sudhir Dixit, Josef Noll, Christine Holst
related to Project Basic Internet
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Related to Innovation Norway Call

Project proposal for Innovation Norway, answering the Visjon 2030 call,

Progress until submission

  • Sudhir to upload newest version by Friday
  • Torbjørn to provide his inputs (kidsa koding) by Friday
  • Are to review the draft by Friday
  • Josef to discuss with Kjeller Innovasjon on ownership
  • Rozina to copy the relevant sections to the template (on owncloud)
  • Isabelle to review the draft by Monday
  • Sudhir to update with comments from reviewers by Tuesday
  • ALL to meet on Tuesday 1600-1700 on GotoMeeting: 964-363-853
  • Wednesday - work on proposal
  • Kjeller Innovasjon to submit the proposal by Thursday 2Feb2016


  • Build the ecosystem for Digital Empowerment in Tanzania through
  • A) Education ("lær kidsa koding") - andre? (Torgeir?)
  • B) knowledge of autonomous energy systems (Solklyngen, Ife)
  • C) Education for Agriculture (Yara, Sokoine University)
  • D) Digital services, digital Wallet (Telenor?)

- Have the pilot implemented in 1-3 villages, who have been empowered through the ongoing activities from Amotel i Tanzania and the Basic Internet Foundation through - Outcome: Cost estimate for the "digital empowerment", leading to "Connect the Unconnected" 4.000 villages in Tanzania