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This pages gives a short overview on how we work together in BasicInternet. It contains an introduction to the wiki, a link to meetings, and other relevant information. If you have questions, please add it here:

Q: How can I edit the Wiki

A: See BasicInternet:How_to_edit

Q: How do we handle confidential and secure information

A: We have established BasicAdmin:Home for confidential information

Q: What is InfoInternet, and why don't we call it Basic information?

A: InfoInternet is the free access to (compressed) text and pictures, and the paid access to "high-bandwidth" services such as video.
Facebook has established, having the service Free Basics. Thus people have regarded as a supporting organisation of Facebook. That's why we called the service InfoInternet.

Q: What about end-user devices? smartphones ? who wil provide them? how many?

A: We need to look at the villages whom we connect in Tanzania and DRC, and what people in these villages use. If the people we would like to address use SmartPhones, then we can start the pilots with BYOD.

Q: Who are the end-users of the information?

A: End-users are the people who don't see the value in digital information, or who can't afford access. My expectation is that we should concentrate on the younger (age < 40 years old) generation, as these ones need to find a job for living.

Q: How do we differ from "One Laptop per child"?

A: OLPC,, has seen that laptop/tablet provision is of limited reach. After some 3-4 months the interest for the tablets go down, if they are not supported with free network access.

Working Together in BasicInternet
Josef Noll,
Working Together
to be presented

⌘ Working Together

DigI Wiki

  • Collaborative project, building the knowledge community in IoT Security
  • physical and virtual meetings
  • virtual: wiki
  • Meetings/Workshops
  • PhD and PostDocs
  • international exchange

⌘ Wiki

DigI Meetings page
  • is based on MediaWiki (as Wikipedia)
    • knowledge base and publication platform
    • with Semantic Extensions: machine readable
    • consistent information
  • How to use
  • Structured information through Forms
  • Tips on how to edit: DigI:How_to_edit

⌘ Notes and Limitations:


  • all users can add new users Special:UserLogin/signup, however, access to DigI and DigAdmin has to be provided by an administrator


  • wiki language


DigI Forms

  • Phone conference every second Wednesday of a month at (tbc)
  • Physical Consortium meeting every six months (2 times/year) (tbc