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Internet Lite for All

Basic Internet Infrastructure for optimised information provision

Q: Why free access to information for all?

A: Free access to information is the main driver for #DigitalInclusion and #SocietalEmpowerment. It is like the walk on the Internet". Yes, we need someone to construct the roads. Once they are built, pedestrians and cyclists can use the roads for free. Exactly the same as what we want to achieve: free access to information, and premium access to broadband content.

Q: What is Internet Lite for All?

A: Internet Lite for All is our vision for the world. Internet Lite is text, pictures and local video to be provided for free to everyone in the society through information spots. The full Internet with broadband content, streaming and gaming is still available, but has to be paid for.

Q: What is the InfoInternet Standard

A: The InfoInternet Standard needs yet to be developed. The main idea is to provide free content following the InfoInternet Standard, and premium content for all other content and services. There are several ways to achieve the Freemium model through InfoInternet, e.g. using a proxy like Opera Mini og Google Web Light, an own html5 standard, an 5G network slice or filtering of broadband content.

Q: What can I do to get an Information Spot in my village?

A: In short, we have the following steps:
I) Whom can/should we involve? Which organisations and authorities need to be involved, who are the people in the district/village/community?
II) Which building at what location do we want to connect? Examples are school, medical dispensary, governmental building, market place
III) What is the status of the mobile network? We typically connect to Mobile Networks, even far away, to perform connectivity. Read more on how to establish an Information Spot.
IV) Do I get electricity from the grid or a solar panel?