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Impact Research
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Our Research is focussed to fulfil the needs of the three billion people emerging. They are in need of education, health and innovation.

Impact Research on Education

We believe that research creating impact for the "emerging three billion has to be based on a combined view of people, things and services. We see lots of technology research leading into new devices/things or services, often overloading what people are able to use. Following the Basic Internet mandate of low-bandwidth information provision, we believe that you don't need video and broadband networks to provide education. Wikipedia and apps on phones and tablets can work with a minimum bandwidth, providing more than 300 people with information instead of one person with a video.

Thus, we focus on (low-bandwidth) applications

Impact Research on Health

Cyber-physical systems, sensors will contribute to increased health and care taking, even in areas without professionals. The core idea is to provide the information about a person to over the low-bandwidth link of Basic Internet, and get personalised information back to the user.

Impact Research on Innovation

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Our Technology challenges

An overview over our technology is provided at Technology, showing our access via satellite networks, radio links or mobile networks. We have identified a series of challenges in Technology evolution and Basic Internet versions, and invite you to help us in answering the challenges

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