ConnectedLide 11April2011

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ConnectedLide 11April2011

Place UNIK, Josef Meeting Room
Date, Time 2011/04/11,
Contact Person
Participants Josef.Noll, Mushfiq.Chowdhury
related to Project
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Action Item:

  • Regular meeting (Mushfiq)
    • after every 2 weeks
    • Put on
      • use forms
    • Notification by email
    • update mailing list (
  • Asks UNIK for fudning to develop styles in CSS (Josef)
  • Find old design in photoshop! (Zahid)
  • Add Froms/Templates to (Mushfiq)
    • Meeting, Action Items
    • Reuse from
  • On create own page for each project proposal (Josef)
  • At every meeting each of us shows one From/Template
    • Create Form/Template
    • Teach others
    • Project proposal (Josef)
    • Partner description (Mushfiq)
      • Link from user - see pshield
    • Master (Zahid)
    • Publication (Josef, Sarfraz)