DiversIoT:DiverseIoT meeting during ETAPS

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DiverseIoT meeting during ETAPS
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DiversIoT:DiverseIoT meeting during ETAPS

Title DiverseIoT meeting during ETAPS
Place Uppsala, Sweden
Date, Time 2017/04/28, 1000-1700
Contact Person Cristian
Participants Cristian, Gerardo Schneider, Uli Fahrnberg
related to Project DiversIoT
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Preparation discussions about Uli Fahrenberg (Ecole Politechnique Paris) long term visit to Oslo
EU privacy call project preparation discussions with Gerardo Schneider (Chalmers) and others
Cybersecurity PPP: Privacy, Data Protection, Digital Identities
Attending CPS and IoT talks
Talk by Joël Ouaknine (MPI-SWS, Germany, and University of Oxford, UK)
on "Fundamental Algorithmic Problems and Challenges in Dynamical and Cyber-Physical Systems"
Talk by Véronique Cortier (CNRS research director at Loria, Nancy, France)
on "Secure composition of security protocols"
Talk by Alessandro Abate (University of Oxford)
on "Data-driven and model-based formal verification of complex physical systems"
Attending the very relevant talks in the

Hot Issues in Security Principles and Trust