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SCOTT-NO Semantic Structure

This page explains the semantic structure used in SCOTT-NO to visualise the dependencies and tasks. The high-level structure is as follows. The project is subdivided into:

  • Workpackages. See list of all WPs in SCOTT
  • Each Workpackage consists of Tasks.
  • Each Task has Deliverables.
  • Contributions from partners are added through UiO [[has contribution::UiO;5;lead development of xxx]].

see SCOTT:Partner_contribution


A workpackage is created through Add Workpackage

  • Objectives
  • Lead part


Each task has the following details, and is defined through Form:Task

  • Title and a Page Title
  • belongs to a Workpackage
  • has a Lead partner, being an organisation,
  • a Leader, being a person belonging to the Lead partner,
  • Contributors, consisting of organisations (partners) contributing to
  • Objective,
  • Note: FULLPAGENAME is used to allow for a semantic query

Through semantic queries the Task asks for the Deliverables, Building Blocks and the Work item related to the task


A deliverable is created through Add Deliverable

Building Blocks

A Building Block is created through Add Building_Block

List of Building Blocks in SCOTT

Work Packages in SCOTT

Testing graphics