DiversIoT:DiverseIoT open workshop on IoT

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DiverseIoT open workshop on IoT
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DiversIoT:DiverseIoT open workshop on IoT

Title DiverseIoT open workshop on IoT
Place IFI-UiO, Ole Johan Dahl building, 5th floor
Date, Time 2017/05/08, 0900-1300
Contact Person Christian Johansen
Participants Christian Johansen, Olaf Owe, Toktam Ramezani, Arnor Solberg, Martin Steffen, Uli Fahrnberg, Elahe Fazeldehkordi, Frank Fleurey, Brice Morin
related to Project DiversIoT
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The workshop is open to anyone as long as you have registered above (for logistics reasons).

The workshop is part of the new project DiversIoT and the newly created Gemini Centre for IoT (the official opening of the centre will be in the near future, probably hosted by SINTEF).

Logistics 9Jan2017

We suggest to take the metro lines 4 or 5 in the direction West and stop at Forskningsparken.

From here walk under the bridge to reach the big black building. This should be visible from the metro station.

Enter in the tower part D, and take lift to 5th floor (only the tower has lift to 5th floor).


09:00 Uli Fahrenberg (from Ecole Politechnique Paris)
on "Safety for Cyber Ptysical Systems"
09:45 Toktam Ramezani (ITS-UiO)
on "Secure COnnected Trustable Things"
10:30 break
11:00 Arnor Solberg (SINTEF)
on "Diversification for Resilient and Trustworthy IoT-systems"
11:45 Franck Fleurey (SINTEF)
on "ThingML, how to generate code for diverse things"
12:30 Lunch