DiversIoT:Research visit and workshop with INRIA

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Research visit and workshop with INRIA
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DiversIoT:Research visit and workshop with INRIA

Title DiversIoT:Research visit and workshop with INRIA
Date, Time 2017/10/06, 06 Oct - 9 Oct
Contact Person Cristian
Participants Cristian, Sergiu Bursuc, Jakob Høgenes, Olaf Owe
related to Project DiversIoT, DiversIoT:DiversIoT
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Research visit from Sergiu Bursuc (INRIA Nancy) to establish tighter connections and discuss possible collaborations in the DiversIoT project.

The visit was spread over the weekend and the Monday after that. It included both visiting the research facilities of IFI and SINTEF and also the social and living standards of Oslo as a town.

Main Outcomes

Two main general ideas emerged.

  • Test the diversification ideas on a third use case in the DiversIoT project from the field of Smart Transportation and Autonomous vehicles. This should connect better with the SCOTT project.
  • Include also work on techniques to provide Security Assurance based on automated tools integrated in the diversifying compilers of ThingML.