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"Internet lite for all" - Sosial digital innovasjon 2018/08/16 +Arendalsuke, Aug2018  +


5G Network Slicing for Digital Inclusion 2018/01/05 +COMSNETS2018, 3-7Jan2018, Bengaluru, India,  +
5G for Sustainable and Inclusive Communications 2022/07/19 +African IGF 2022  +
5G og IoT Drivers for Change 2022/03/28 +VGS Elektrodagen Mar2022  +
5G, 6G and Wifi Network Slices 2019/04/28 +EyeNetworks Fagdag Apr2019  +


6G for All - Societal Need and Catalyst for the SDGs 2020/09/08 +6G and SDGs Webinar Sep2020  +
6G for Connecting the Future of Every Single Human 2024/05/14 +IEEE 6G Summit 2024, 13-14 May 2024, Dresden  +
6G for Digital Inclusion and Catalyst for the SDGs 2020/07/01 +WWRF#44_Road_ahead_to_Ubiquitous_5G  +
6G for Digital Inclusion and Sustainable Development 2020/03/18 +6G Summit 2020  +
6G for Digital Inclusion and as a Catalyst for Sustainable Development Goals 2020/10/20 +WWRF Online Seminar - 20Oct2020  +


ABAC and eHealth 2017/11/30 +SCOTT-NO November 2017  +
AMI Topology +IoTSec Mar2017  +
Advancing Equal Education in the Digital Age 2021/06/03 +Education and Social Justice 3Jun2022  +
Africa and The Internet 2023/02/23 +DCD Meeting Feb2023  +
Africa and the Internet 2022/11/03 +IEEE CTU workshop Nov2022  +
An Evolutionary Game for Integrity Attacks and Defenses 2018/06/06 +Meeting  +
An Integrated Approach addressing Economic Inequality 2020/06/28 +Global Governance Summit Jun2020  +
An evolutionary game for confidentiality attacks +IoTSec Aug2018  +
An inclusive Internet for empowerment and value creation 2022/06/29 +Networking meetings Africa Alliance of the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) 29Jun2022  +
An integrated Approach for School Connectivity 2021/12/07 +Tanzania Community Networks School of Internet Governance (TZCNSIG 2021)  +
Analysis of IoT Sec Ecosystem +IoTSec Agu2017  +


BB26.F and BB26.G 2020/09/28 +Meeting  +
Basic Internet - Bridging the Digital Divide 2019/05/10 +Meet-Up Munich May2019  +
Basic Internet Foundation: Digital Inclusion 2019/04/04 +Forum for Teknologi og Utvikling - Tekna  +
BasicInternet Infrastructure 2020/02/27 +TZ-Hackathon Feb2020  +
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