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DigI:TZ-Hackathon Feb2020

Title DigI Hackathon in Dar es Salaam, Feb2020
Place MUHAS@DarEsSalaam
Date, Time 2020/02/27, -28Feb2020
Contact Person Catherine R. Kimambo, Felix Sukums
Participants Asanali Msangi, Joseph Bishi, Catherine R. Kimambo, Addisalem Genta Gemiya, Felix Sukums, Eden Wanyimba, Rashid Ally, Felix Sukums, Matogoro Jabera, Joseph Bishi, Christine Holst, Julius Peter, Josef Noll, Peter Mmbando, Barrack Otieno, Robert Owino
related to Project DigI, BasicInternet
Keywords School Connectivity, Hackathon, InfoSpots
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DigI Hackathon Feb2020 at MUHAS


This 1,5 day hackathon will be performed to

  • teach on how to "test and measure" prior to installing an information spot - Catherine
  • share information amongst the groups - each participant
  • perform a hackathon ("how to install") - an information spot - Addisalem

One day: Members of the DigI Hackathon had a Panel Discussion on Approaches, Challenges, and Sustainability of Community Networks.

In addition, we had a 2h Workshop and Panel with and governmental representatives to address sustainability in school connectivity

Main Take-away

The Hackathon on building information spots on 27-28Feb2020 comprised community members from 5 countries, and focused on the technical understanding on establishing information spots with Internet Lite.

  • Given the success of village/school/health facility connectivity through the DigI project, we created the walk through on how to establish the Information Spots.
  • Knowledge transfer and collaboration between Norway and the participating countries was agreed to ensure local competence in establishing, operating and maintaining the information spots.
  • Catherine presented the work by African Child in empowering women and girls, pointing out the need for training in addition to creating the information spots
  • Given the success of the first 3 information spots, AHERI in Kenya asked for establishing 1.500 sites
  • BOACSE has successfully connected two schools, and envisions to connect another 130 schools in the area of Mbeya in Tanzania.


The meeting will take place from Thursday 27 Feb 2020, 09:00h until Friday 28 Feb 2020 14:40h at MUHAS@DarEsSalaam in the MUHAS Harvard Room at MUHAS HD-CHPE Building, 2nd Floor.

Hotel: Cate Hotel, Dange, Dar es Salaam, http://www.catehotel.co.tz/, Asanali Msangi performs the booking


Registration is closed


  • MUHAS: Felix, Asanali
  • African Child/Basic Internet TZ: Catherine, Ben
  • UDESO: Eden Wanyimba
  • BOACSE: Rashid Ally
  • Ministry of Health/University of xxx: n.n. (Student of Elibariki)
  • Joseph Bishi (Zimbabwe)
  • Ethiopia: Addisalem (Univ Ambo)
  • Univ Dodoma: Matogoro Jabera and colleague(?)
  • University of Oslo/Basic Internet: Christine, Josef
  • Ministry of Education (Uganda): Julius Peter (tbc)
  • Kenya - AHERI: Barrack (tbc)
  • Rwanda: Benjamin Manirafasha
  • UCSAF: Albert Richard
  • Internet Society: Peter Mmbando


Thursday, 27Feb2020

Members of the DigI Hackathon in a Panel Discussion o Approaches, Challenges, and Sustainability of Community Networks
09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcome (Felix Sukums)
09:45 Table Round

Community Connectivity & Sustainability - Workshop & Panel

visit to read Main take-away and Recommendations
12:30 - 13:15 Lunch break

Thursday, Reporting from Community Members

13:15 Reports/Experiences from installations and usage - 15 min (+5 min discussion)
presentation by each partner on challenges and best praxis in deployment
10:10 MUHAS (Felix/Asanali) on DigI connectivity
10:30 African Child (Catherine/Ben)
10:50 Break
11:05 BOACSE (Rashid)
11:25 AHERI (Barrack)
11:45 tzCNA (Matogoro)
13:20 Zimbabwe Community Networks (Joseph)
13:40 Comments by IGF (Peter)
13:50-14:20 Break (with ongoing discussions)
14:00 - 14:45 Digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 (public lecture)
14:45 Infrastructure for Basic Internet (Josef) 10'+5'
Voucher platform
Internet Lite filtering, e.g. AMP protocol
Yeboo village server
18:00 End of day 1
19:00h Dinner at Brake Point Pub, Kinondoni Rd, Dar es Salaam (tbc)

Thumb Title Keywords Date Author/Project
Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 01.31.55.png Digital transformation, IoT and Industry4.0
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TZ-Hackathon Feb2020
IoT, Digital Inclusion 27 February 2020 Josef Noll
Screenshot 2020-02-27 at 02.26.42.png Basic Internet Infrastructure
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TZ-Hackathon Feb2020
Internet lite 27 February 2020 Josef Noll

Friday 28Feb2020

09:00 Summary/Open Issues from day 1
09:40 Ideas for school/education/digital health platform
open platform (open source)
National Knowledge Portal for Tanzania (Josef) - see .mp4 https://owncloud.basicinternet.org/index.php/s/gfyTAbyhLifvyja
10:45-10:55 Break
10:55 How to engage communities
content creation
value for the society (a valuable Internet)
11:45 - 12:30 lunch
12:30 Configuration of devices - Hands-on (Addisalem Genta)
Please bring your Laptop and install winbox.exe''
https://vimeo.com/354375901 - Video with Wisam to show on how to connection
13:30 Error handling - what happens in the field
14:00 Concluding discussions, incl. recommendations from the meeting
14:40 End of Hackathon - further discussions

Note: Departure to Airport 14:40h, arrival 15:15h, flight departure (Brenda, Christine, Josef) 17:55

Background Material

  • Sustainable Business Models for Access and Content creation -