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Global Governance Summit Jun2020
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BasicInternet:Global Governance Summit Jun2020

Title Global_Governance_Summit_Jun2020
Date, Time 2020/06/26, -28Jun2020
Contact Person Sara Ketabi
Participants Josef.Noll
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Ministerial Global Governance Summit

26-28Jun2020, see

Contributions by University of Oslo & Basic Internet Foundation:

 PresenterPresentation File
An Integrated Approach addressing Economic Inequality 2020/06/28Josef NollClick to Open
Digital Health and Community Involvement for Resilient Health Systems 2020/06/28Josef NollClick to Open
Digital Inclusion for Redesigning Democracy 2020/06/28Josef NollClick to Open

Streaming to world leaders the message on digital inclusion

Links to video presentations by Josef Noll:

Session 2: Building Resilient Health Systems: Global Public Health

  • Measuring public policy responses to COVID-19 across Middle East, Africa, Asia, and America
  • Tech Transfer, intergovernmental and scientific-economic alliances
  • Future of Digital Health Systems: Safe and Inclusive Digital Health for All; Governing health data for effective health systems and personalized care
  • Forming alliances through long-term partnerships: WHO, World Bank, IMF’s role in promoting sustainable public health
  • Globalization of inclusive ethical value chains
  • Expanding access to biotechnology through an evidence-based, data-driven system

Session 4. Addressing the Root of the Problem

Uniting global governments and meeting real needs through uncovering the SDG bureaucracy

  • Redesigning democracy in the digital age
  • Future of Global Foreign Policy
  • Strategic Outlook: Middle Eastern and African economies
  • How resilient is the American economy for the next global shock?
  • Improving global standards for policymaking; Increasing trust in data-flows

7. Capacity-building in Developing Nations

Education, Multidimensional Poverty, and Economic Inequality =

  • Achieving human capital potential, potential of human capital and current state of human capital
  • Global Multidimensional Poverty Index: Subnational disparity case studies across Asia and Africa
  • Social mobility: Upskilling the next billion
  • Communication, advocacy, and movement-building
  • Transforming institutions for effective cooperation to global challenges