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Global Governance Summit Jun2020
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BasicInternet:Global Governance Summit Jun2020

Title Global_Governance_Summit_Jun2020
Date, Time 2020/06/26, -28Jun2020
Contact Person Sara Ketabi
Participants Josef.Noll
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Ministerial Global Governance Summit

26-28Jun2020, see

Contributions by University of Oslo & Basic Internet Foundation:

Thumb Title Keywords Date Author/Project
Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 04.10.13.png An Integrated Approach addressing Economic Inequality
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Global Governance Summit Jun2020
Digital Inclusion, Societal Empowerment, National Knowledge Portal 28 June 2020 Josef Noll
Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 00.37.42.png Digital Health and Community Involvement for Resilient Health Systems
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Global Governance Summit Jun2020
Health Systems, Digital Global Health, Digital Health Promotion 28 June 2020 Josef Noll
Screenshot 2020-06-28 at 03.28.23.png Digital Inclusion for Redesigning Democracy
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Global Governance Summit Jun2020
Democracy, Digital Inclusion, Societal Empowerment, National Knowledge Portal 28 June 2020 Josef Noll

Streaming to world leaders the message on digital inclusion

Links to video presentations by Josef Noll:

Session 2: Building Resilient Health Systems: Global Public Health

  • Measuring public policy responses to COVID-19 across Middle East, Africa, Asia, and America
  • Tech Transfer, intergovernmental and scientific-economic alliances
  • Future of Digital Health Systems: Safe and Inclusive Digital Health for All; Governing health data for effective health systems and personalized care
  • Forming alliances through long-term partnerships: WHO, World Bank, IMF’s role in promoting sustainable public health
  • Globalization of inclusive ethical value chains
  • Expanding access to biotechnology through an evidence-based, data-driven system

Session 4. Addressing the Root of the Problem

Uniting global governments and meeting real needs through uncovering the SDG bureaucracy

  • Redesigning democracy in the digital age
  • Future of Global Foreign Policy
  • Strategic Outlook: Middle Eastern and African economies
  • How resilient is the American economy for the next global shock?
  • Improving global standards for policymaking; Increasing trust in data-flows

7. Capacity-building in Developing Nations

Education, Multidimensional Poverty, and Economic Inequality =

  • Achieving human capital potential, potential of human capital and current state of human capital
  • Global Multidimensional Poverty Index: Subnational disparity case studies across Asia and Africa
  • Social mobility: Upskilling the next billion
  • Communication, advocacy, and movement-building
  • Transforming institutions for effective cooperation to global challenges