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Bug reporting and Change Request

New Bugs/ChangeRequests in Yeboo

Test02BugNewDont know
YB:Broker Rune Kvevik-01BugNewBroker
YB:Date for open house ("visning") is wrong-01BugNewDate format
YB:Facebook "like" has non-informative text-01Change requestNewFacebook
YB:Facebook pages for all Norwegian Counties-01Change request2-majorNewFacebook
YB:Google Map "Large Map" not acticated-01BugNewGoogle Map
YB:Norwegian date format01Change requestNewDate format
YB:Recently sold button causes crash01BugNewSearch
YB:Results in show all listings01Change requestNewFormat
YB:Search "Namdalseid, ..." comes up with Oslo as result-01Change requestNewSearch
Google Map
YB:Search for Oslo, Stovner01Change requestNewSearch
YB:Search in
YB:Show newest appartments first-01Change
Show results
YB:Sold properties not recognized-01BugNewSold
YB:Update of Facebook text-01Change requestNewFacebook
YB:Visitor statistics of Facebook search-01Change request
YB:password recovery for "" returns an error message01BugNewLogin
YB:test03-01Other5-next releaseNewTest
(Note: Creation date does not work)

Working on these

YB:About Yeboo-01Change requestOpen

All Bugs/ChangeRequests in YebooBug

YB:About Yeboo-01Change requestOpen
YB:Broker Rune Kvevik-01BugNew
YB:Date for open house ("visning") is wrong-01BugNew
YB:Facebook "like" has non-informative text-01Change requestNew
YB:Facebook pages for all Norwegian Counties-01Change request2-majorNew
YB:Google Map "Large Map" not acticated-01BugNew
YB:Norwegian date format01Change requestNew
YB:Recently sold button causes crash01BugNew
YB:Results in show all listings01Change requestNew
YB:Search "Namdalseid, ..." comes up with Oslo as result-01Change requestNew
YB:Search for Oslo, Stovner01Change requestNew
YB:Search in
YB:Show newest appartments first-01Change requestNew
YB:Sold properties not recognized-01BugNew
YB:Update of Facebook text-01Change requestNew
YB:Visitor statistics of Facebook search-01Change request
3-normalNew site is not in Google01FunctionalitySolved
YB:password recovery for "" returns an error message01BugNew
YB:test03-01Other5-next releaseNew

all new bugs are reported through the new system


Most of functionality is not working on Opera Browser, see phase v1.2 notes

(1)DONE - Logg inn (does not work all the time. Facebook fails in 3 out of 4 cases), both in main page and in "create account"


(2) Search for "Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag" øtakes 10 sec and returns "nothing"

(3) Search for "Lade, Trondheim" should search for Lade "or" Trondheim. Same for "Stovner, Oslo" which does not provide any result.


API has no specified data of city county, so needs some changes to get this info from google if possible for the prorperty. The API has the "postal number" and through the NRK public table of postcodes, cities, streets we should be able to resolve - we will discuss in Oslo

(4) "suggestions topics for search don't lead anywhere" -> needs to be done betterSearch-suggestion.pngSearch-recommendations.png


(5) done - in, all "$" (dollar) should be replaced by "kr"NOK-in-Yeboo.png

Facebook search

(1) Links from facebook end up as a "plugin" in the facebook site, instead of the "facebook app". - Only the link on "show in Yeboo Beta" should go to Yeboo, the other link should show the facebook app.

  • Yeboo-in-facebook.png

done (2) should be able to search after real locations in the header, e.g. "Stovner" which is part of Oslo, or "Bogstadveien" which is a place of one of the advertisements

  • Stovner-search.png

Logic is working properly, but there isn't a way to get city part. So broker should set it  manually

Keyword search should answer to "items" of the header of an advertisement, e.g. rodtvet-meget-pent-enderekkehus-over-2-plan-hageterrasse-garasje-lave-fellesutgifter-meget-barnevennlig,

  • keyword search on "barnevennlig" should provide results. Currently search for "barnevennlig" shows nothing
  • Keyword-search.png
  • If searching for Oslo and "barnevennlig", then all results for Oslo come up. Thus search for barnevennlig does not have any effect.

Site Maps

after the facebook search is done, the next priority is on creating SiteMaps (and example pages for each object), such that search in Google, Facebook, Yahoo deliver hits on Yeboo, e.g. search in Google for "Stovner barnevennlig hus"

Sitemaps are working properly now.

phase v1.1

Add real brookers

  • info is in the stream, needs to be added to "a profile"


Search on information from the top in google does not reveal results

  • hoybraten stor gjennomgaende 3roms toppleilighet flott utsikt 2 balkonger

phase v1.2

Opera browser

  • Login with Facebook does not work
  • "Stovner" <return> does nothing happens
    • need to to click on search for an action on the page
  • Search oslo (or haugenstua, høybråten…) does not deliver any results
  • takes "infinite time" when search is on for the first time (Opera browser)



  • search for not resolved (see 5Oct) - try Oslo or Bergen
  • loading of pictures takes too long time
  • change of language takes too long time - not working? (no reaction when I try to change to Norwegian)

The main goal is to get the speed in place. As soon as that is done (should be done by now?), focus should be on functionality

Change request & help

  • should display Norwegian language first
  • Could you also explain me where to place the translation file for Norwegian language? While you are working, we would like to work on the correct translation while you work on speed and content.


  • reactions from "language" and "login" are still slow:


    • user login,
    • change of language (needs 10-15 sec to work)
  • Search for "Oslo" does not show any results
  • Search for "Stov" and selects "Stovner, Oslo", does need two clicks to start search

Yeboo search

  • Facebook app -
  • *searching for an existing advertisement does not reveal any results when using keywords
    • searched for: Oslo (location) and Starveien (keywords) -> Result: not found
    • searched only for Starveien (keywords) -> not found
  • The keywords should contain the words from the header of the announcement Bold textand the location

Facebook Search location and Keyword Facebook Keyword Keyword

older reportings

8. June 2011

26 May 2011

  • still not "operational" for sales. TOO SLOW
  • from Facebook to Yeboo takes more than 15 seconds - NO WAY to sell to the market
  • No updates of new homes since 12 May
  • Facebook login does not work (worked before)
  • Language selection does not work (worked before)

28 April 2011

  • Facebook search for "Stovner" returns properties for foreign locations

Facebook Search Stovner

14. April 2011

  • Google maps don't work (Opera browser), if searching for "non-ascii" like "Høybråten".
  • Google maps work if searching for "Stovner"

No maps for Google

  • icons under "recommendations" don't work - ???

7. April 2011

  • (solved - 26.April2011) - "Facebook-app" is showing an "html include" of the Yeboo page, not the real app


  • why does search takes so long time? "Høybråten" needs 10 sec to come up with results. Do we need a "shortlist".