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2-major related bug/change requests for InnoBørs

BG:Change according to attache file in Crowdfunding textChange according to attache file in Crowdfunding textChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Click på side 2 shall create login01Click på side 2 shall create loginChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Configuration page for optionsConfiguration page for optionsChange request2-majorNew
BG:CrowdfundingCrowdfundingChange request2-majorSolved
BG:Crowdfunding: Admin rights in Idea ManagementCrowdfunding: Admin rights in Idea ManagementChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Easy login procedure01Easy login procedureChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Feeback messages for login and passwordFeeback messages for login and passwordChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Go backward in User ManagementGo backward in User ManagementBug2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Header layout for InnoBors01Stock Exchange layout for InnoBorsLayout2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Idea CreationIdea CreationChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Payment for InnoBorsPayment for InnoBorsChange request2-majorOpen
BG:Useability for v2.52Useability for v2.52Change request2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Useability-smaller updates v2.7Useability-smaller updates v2.7Functionality2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:Wrong password - need messageWrong password - need messageBug2-majorSolved&Tested
BG:arrow uparrow upChange request2-majorSolved&Tested
CR:International version of InnoBors.euInternational version of InnoBors.euChange request2-majorAnswer
GP:first pageFirst page information fieldsBug
Change request

2-major related bug/change requests for Yeboo

YB:Facebook pages for all Norwegian Counties-01Facebook pages for all Norwegian CountiesChange request2-majorNew

For all reports, please see: BugReport