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This is a property of type Page.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • bug
  • change request
  • functionality
  • layout
  • other

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AP monitoring through Mikrotik +Functionality  +


BG: +Change request  +
BG:Admin to change titel of an idea01 +Change request  +
BG:Analysis of status of companies and support functions +Functionality  +
BG:Change according to attache file in Crowdfunding text +Change request  +
BG:Change user rights from 'user' to 'admin' fails +Bug  +
BG:Click on Crowdfunding takes you directly to JegVilBidra page +Functionality  +
BG:Click på side 2 shall create login01 +Change request  +
BG:Company name and add company +Bug  +
BG:Configuration page for options +Change request  +
BG:Correct cut, copy and paste both in Idea-User and in Admin +Bug  +
BG:Correct introduction text for gründer +Change request  +
BG:Crowdfunding +Change request  +
BG:Crowdfunding: Admin rights in Idea Management +Change request  +
BG:Design for 810px iFrame +Layout  +
BG:Design-update of page 1 +Change request  +
BG:Donate to InnoBors +Functionality  +
BG:Ease of use improvement v2.7 +Functionality  +
BG:Easy login procedure01 +Change request  +
BG:Edit an idea - not allow to do editing +Bug  +
BG:Edit of pages gives javascript error message +Bug  +
BG:FAQ - frequently asked questions01 +Functionality  +
BG:Facebook and Google Login +Functionality  +
BG:Facebook page +Change request  +
BG:Feeback messages for login and password +Change request  +
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