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Introduction to Nyawa United Project
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BasicInternet:Introduction to Nyawa United Project

Title Introduction to Nyawa United Project
Place zoom
Date, Time 2020/08/26, 1530-1630
Contact Person Brenda Jimris-Rekve
Participants Amy-Kristine Andersen, Anette Kristoffersen, Charles Owino, John Malamba, Josef Noll, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Nyawa United, Siaya Library
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  • Introduction to Nyawa
  • Introduction to Siaya Community Library
  • Basic Internet Solution
  • Takeaways

Introduction to Nyawa

  • Anette and Amy established Nyawa in 2019 after living in Zambia for 10 months. Anette has worked with locals schools in the villages as a gym instructor in Zambia and now works with The Department of Education in Oslo.
  • Amy has worked with sexual abuse in Zambia raising gender abuse in Zambia
  • Nyawa is located 120kms North-West of Livingston town in Zambia and it is running on a voluntary basis with the philosophy of "Self-help"
  • Nyawa has a girls football team where they promote girls sports participation
  • The motto in Nyawa is community involvement fostering societal empowerment and inclusion.
  • They have established a mother's shelter for pregnant females, which now needs an upgrade due to its dire situation. A problem that has been eminent within the shelter is illiteracy among the people
  • They therefore established the library as an information center. Their self-help groups need individuals to help people read and write
  • Nyawa has funding challenges

Siaya Community Library

  • Dr. Charles Owino is the Chairman of the Siaya Community Library in Kenya. He is an economist and a researcher and shares policy output by the policy makers. He is additionally a professor at Strathmore University in Kenya for the past 7 years where he teaches policy management
  • Siaya Community Library started when Dr Charles Owino and John Malamba started collecting books when a group known as the American Friends of Kenya started sending books to the country in 2011. That is when the idea came of establishing the community Library through the support of the Siaya Governor who gave them a room within the county
  • The Siaya Community Library construction was completed in 2014 through the support from World Bank, who came in to join the course
  • The world Leaders also load books into the library's e-reader system
  • The library also runs on a voluntary basis and through the support from its board members

Basic Internet Solution

  • There is a huge challenge of entrepreneurship in the digital age and therefore solution is needed for digital inclusion
  • The Basic Internet Foundation is working on how to put in conducive regulatory framework in place that will foster digital inclusion within the societies
  • The foundation has worked towards solving access problems through building infospots in different areas in Tanzania and Kenya
  • We have looked into how we can bring down the OPEX cost to USD10-15 a month to empower the society with free access to information on health, business, education etc
  • The digital divide is getting bigger even if the mobile industry is also growing and that is why we are looking into how we can build information packages that are easy to grasp
  • Our success story is from the DigI project in Tanzania on health information from where we use audio visuals to the the story. We have seen a 60% knowledge increase to those exposed to the videos compared to those who are not. The videos have also been tailored into local languages for easy knowledge uptake
  • An example of our videos is the Covid-19 video that the foundation made a couple months ago with the Youtube video on COVID
to help create awareness on the implications of the virus and eradicate the misconception of the virus
  • Our focus now is the contribution to the National strategy by the Norwegian government which include; Skills, Inclusions, Access and Regulations for the National Knowledge Portal Presentation on National Knowledge Portal


  • Amy and Anette to go through the global health media website and give their ideas of videos on girls empowerment through their mother shelter in Zambia for the pregnant women
  • Dr. Owino to collaborate with Josef on the university perspective that is on the economic point of view and he regulatory framework
  • Working towards the infospots
  • The next meeting is on the 8th of september at 10:00am- Brenda is sending the invitation out